Comments from a few clients and colleagues:


Lance So: Beam, Associate Brand Manager, Bourbons and Irish Whiskies

“I’ve been using INTOFRENCH for the past two years and their translations are spot on. They always meet my timelines and provide different options to ensure your message is clear in French. I would highly recommend working with them!”

February 17, 2016, Lance is one of INTOFRENCH’S faithful clients


Libby Lucas: Creative Strategist, Creative Director, Writer, Designer

“I've hired Maryse several times in the past couple of years to adapt my English copy because I trust her immensely, having known her for nearly 25 years. We first worked together at D'Arcy (then DMB&B) and more recently at JWT. Her adaptations have never been a pale version of the English. (In fact, often—to my chagrin—clients have remarked that the French was better than the English.) She's a pro through and through. Her copy is always on strategy and faithful to the brand character. Her understanding of the Quebec market and her insights into its attitudes and habits have always been invaluable to clients and agencies alike. Her ability to get great performances out of French talent is superb. On top of all this, she's cheerful, funny and a delight to work with. I have no hesitation recommending her. She's great.”

January 30, 2011, Libby is one of INTOFRENCH’S faithful clients.


Nadine Chiasson, Communications Specialist, Enbridge Gas New Brunswick
“IntoFrench is a highly reliable partner for Enbridge Gas New Brunswick. They are extremely responsive and always provide quality work in a timely manner. It is a pleasure working with them!”

February 19, 2016


Scott Poitras: Medical Copy Supervisor at Giant Creative Strategy

“Maryse is a definite pleasure to work with. She is very friendly and accessible, and ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Maryse is able to translate very industry-specific, technical language (e.g. healthcare, pharmaceuticals). She keeps it readable/speakable across a variety of media, and maintains the integrity of the original content. I would definitely recommend her translation services.”

November 26, 2015, Scott was client of INTOFRENCH


Martin Shwchuck: Creative Director & Director

“Maryse makes sure it makes sense in Quebec. It was hard enough to sell the script in English and now we need the French Not just the English concept with actors speaking French. Maryse has adapted thousands of scripts from agencies in English Canada and guided them seamlessly on air in Quebec. She always made it easy and fun for me. In fact I often saw the performance she got from the Montreal actors and asked for the same in English.”

November 17, 2015, Martin worked directly with MARYSE at JWT


Colin Winn: V.P. Associate Creative Director / Writer

“Maryse is a true professional. She is a skilled writer who brings a wealth of experience to every project. She is collaborative with co-workers and clients alike, and her relaxed disposition and warm smile makes working with her a real pleasure.”

November 18, 2015, Colin worked directly with MARYSE at JWT


Neshat Sanei: Senior Manager, Client Development at Research Now

“I worked with Maryse and her team in 2010 and I am pleased to recommend this group for its professionalism, availability and quick response. I am totally satisfied with INTO FRENCH's service and I will certainly ask them to adapt our projects in French in 2011.”

January 31, 2011, Neshat was one of INTOFRENCH’s clients


Serge Laforest: President / Lead Creative

“To work with Maryse is akin to being pampered at a spa.
Her calming demeanor manages to make working in our fast-paced industry seem like a no-stress moment in time. It’s always a pleasure to see her at our studios.”

February 4, 2011, Serge worked directly with MARYSE.


Craig Stewart: TV Commercial Production Consultant

“Maryse is extremely knowledgeable in the advertising business. She has worked at several major advertising agencies. She has worked with me on numerous projects and has always been on time with professional results. I trust her judgment and always take her advice. For me, she is the only one for French Services.”

January 30, 2011, Craig worked directly with MARYSE.